The Packing Store of NYC

The Packaging Store is a member of a franchise network of approximately 200 units who provide global packaging and shipping solutions for those commercial and private individuals with fragile, large, awkward, and valuable merchandise. Our staff is specially trained to handle electronics, art, antiques, and just about any other unusual item. Not only will the Packaging Store ship what others can’t, we will do it in a timely, safe, and economical fashion. Our competitive advantage lies in the gap between minor packaging, red hook self storage and shipping services and the traditional moving and storage companies who require 1,500 pound minimums.

What We Did That Others Couldn’t 

• Peruvian artwork from 560 AD
• “Cartman” replica from Comedy Central
• “Cats” mannequin to the World Records Museum
• Baby incubator to India
• 1100-pound electronics oven
• Eight-foot pizza table and refrigerator
• Dive Suit from SS Normandy
• Eight foot model of the Predator
• Nine foot tree to San Francisco, California
• Hot dog cart to Denver, Colorado
• Frozen medicine to Los Angeles, CA (while keeping it frozen)
• The Statue of Liberty from the movie “You’ve Got Mail”
• Nine by seven foot 200 year old painting to United Kingdom
• Skeletons for “Jekyll & Hydes”
• Championship trophies for Major League Soccer
• Mel Ott’s Baseball Bat
• 300-year-old candlesticks to United Kingdom – valued at $50,000
• 24-Track tape recorder to Tampa, FL
• Ancient Egyptian Sarcophagus to Chicago, IL
• 800-pound ATV to Seattle, WA
• Autographed Framed Larry Bird Jersey

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